Christmas Shopping in Catalonia

Christmas shopping in Barcelona, Tarragona, Girona and Figueres means shopping in a friendly climate. It may seem hard to believe, but Catalonia’s beautiful towns and cities are full of fashionable little shops, high-end boutiques, outlet stores and shopping malls with an impressive selection of goods. Many airlines are currently offering low-priced flights. And what could be more tempting than wandering gently and shopping to your heart’s content. You will not only find the highest quality fashion for both men and women, but also be impressed by the incredible variety and creativity, not to mention the very attractive prices. Young, unconventional fashion, designer clothing and artistic handmade clothes as well as accessories, costume jewellery, shoes and bags are high-quality and reasonably priced in Catalonia.

If you are planning a short vacation in Catalonia at the turn of the year, you can easily find a holiday home for this period and, on 6 January, pick up great bargains in the winter sales. If you rather prefer a shopping weekend, hotels in Barcelona and thereabouts offer good value accommodation. Moreover, the very attractive weekly markets are wonderful places to rummage, sniff out a bargain and try something new, and are usually to be found near to your hotel. It is easy to find a new, extravagant and smart outfit, and you’ll also have no difficulty finding simple, reasonably priced leisurewear at numerous markets in our area.

And once you have arrived, you should really also discover the sought-after culinary specialities. The famous Serrano ham with its typically nutty flavour, the Catalan wines or cavas (sparkling wine) and, last but not least, the magnificent nougat (turrón) from Catalonia, which you simply have to sample. It's a well known fact that shopping makes you hungry and thirsty. No problem as you will find nice tapas bars and restaurants everywhere, in which you can enjoy delicious mouthfuls in exchange for just a few coins.

Even if you don’t find exactly what you want to wear, a shopping trip to Catalonia is really worthwhile just for the pleasure of wandering through the markets and exploring the shops, losing yourself in the exciting atmosphere, smelling the delicious aromas and, of course, appreciating the surprisingly excellent weather.

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